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Anthony Martin

Credit Fico Professional/Entreprenuer, Financial Services

Hi, I'm Anthony Martin I help people restore their financial health as fast as months not years!

Anthony Martin's Bio:

Hi my name is Anthony Martin I was born and raised in Brevard County Florida. I am single with no children. I have been practicing credit restoration and credit enhancement and out of the box thinking strategies.,since 2008 knowing the laws fully of how they can defend the consumer. I too have had bad credit and learned how to fix this and months instead of yrs. I am so tired of people say you know I have always wanted to do this but I can not afford it. I have realized everything revolves around credit! Look at Walmart and Google all started with credit. Google was started with personal credit cards. Through out the yrs I have seen more and more the entire financial system is backwards and why most people experience the financial issues that they have and why 98% of this country have little or not networth.You have to have the right ingredients to bake the cake. My mission is to help those people in need to leverage themselves to get them where they want to go in their personal and financial lives and take their business and themselves to all new heights! Remember you need to learn how to have the debt make money for you vs you make money for the debt!

Anthony Martin's Experience:

  • Sales Rep at Cricket Communications

    Sales Customer Service

  • Lead Sales Rep at Cricket Communications

    sales, customer service, problem solving,open and closing the store, inventory, managing the store and 14 other people under me etc

  • FPS(Financial Problem Solvers) at Fico Credit Professional/Manager

    Fico Credit Professional Professional/Director The company just changed names.

Anthony Martin's Education:

  • Bolton High School

    High School
  • Brevard Christian

Anthony Martin's Interests & Activities:

real estate professionals,financial professionals,business owners, entreprenuers, people in the auto industry, oil and gas, precious metals, and anyone wanting to change their financial health and future

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